Hello and thanks for your interest in Daffodil Day

This page provides information about Daffodil Day in Colliers Wood. The day promises to be a great morning of autumnal bulb planting. Click on the images below to see the result of Daffodil Planting last year.

Daffodils in Spring 2021 in Memorial Garden, Colliers Wood Rec

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Read about our local volunteer activity if you have not heard of our group before. Visit our Parks & Green Spaces home page

Why Daffodil Day planting?

We have been donated a huge number of bulbs, so this is a great opportunity to invite Colliers Wood locals to join a community project to plant these out. Spotting green shoots when walking along the High Street on a cold and grey winter’s day, knowing that this is one of the bulbs you personally planted is likely to spark a little pop of joy. Their bright yellow heads won’t be far behind and spring is on its way. Walking around Colliers Wood with friends and family, pointing out the stunning show of Daffodils that you planted, is a great feeling.

Plans on the day

  • Meet at Colliers Wood Tube Station
  • 10am on Saturday 30 October 2021
  • We will divide into groups to cover each location
  • All equipment such as spades, trowels, gloves will be provided along with a large batch of bulbs
  • Expect to spend around 2 hours planting but feel free to join and leave at any time
  • The whole family are welcome
  • Ideally let us know if you are coming along, and the number of people in your group. This will allow us to make sure there is enough equipment and bulbs are equally divided. You can let us know via our WhatsApp group or email cwraparksandgreenspaces@gmail.com

Bulb Planting Locations

Our group planted over a thousand Daffodils in 2020 so for 2021 we’ll plant in new locations; Colliers Wood Recreation Ground, the green bank in front of Sainsbury’s and the grass verge by the bus-stop adjacent to High Street/Byegrove Road are all being considered. Bulbs will also be planted in some of the areas our volunteers already look after such as the Myrna Close/Devonshire Road Cut-through and the green at the junction of Singleton/Robinson Road. Over 2,000 bulbs have been generously donated to our group by local councillors and the team at Future Merton; We have King Alfred Daffodils, Crocus Tommasinianus, Miniature Narcissus Daffodils and mixed Tulips.


How to get in touch and let us know you are coming

The best way to do this is either join our WhatsApp group, where all activity will be discussed, add your name to lists kept at the library and community centre (just ask to be added to the ‘Colliers Wood Daffodil Day’ list) or send an email to cwraparksandgreenspaces@gmail.com. We also have social media groups on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but they are not particularly active. To visit our volunteer page and to find our social media links click here.


A great morning is promised

Joining a volunteer project on a crisp autumn morning, meeting other locals and then, come spring, seeing the beautiful results of your labour, is possibly one of the most joyful and satisfying experiences you can enjoy in your local community. Let’s support all that is good within Colliers Wood. We can’t wait to meet you, see you on the 30th!

Signs of Spring with the first Daffodil shoots
The first Daffodil shoots and signs of Spring