9 reasons why Merton Council should refuse planning permission for 2 new towers in Colliers Wood.

CWRA will be publishing a full and detailed response to the planning application soon, but we wanted to let residents have this summary of the top 9 points to help residents respond directly to the council.

CWRA believes there are several reasons to object to Criterion’s planning application to build 26 storey and 16 storey towers next to Britannia Point:

  1. The proposed scheme departs radically from Merton’s planning policy which says Britannia Point should remain the tallest building in Colliers Wood.
  2. Criterion’s own planning application shows that the scheme will lose £3million. In order to make the scheme viable Criterion are likely to scrap valuable parts of the scheme such as the affordable housing and financial contributions that lessen the impact of the scheme on local people.
  3. The housing density of the scheme is way in excess of the maximum density envisaged by the Greater London Authority.
  4. At only 15% of the overall units, the 40 affordable homes included in the scheme falls way short of the 60% sought by the GLA and 40% sought by Merton. The scheme’s lack of financial viability puts even this small offering at risk.
  5. The larger of the two towers is ridiculously high. It will stand out like a sore thumb and be visible from every part of Colliers Wood and across South West London. It will blight views from local houses and parks and rob Singlegate School and hundreds of homes of daylight and sunlight.
  6. The scheme’s excessive scale means that for at least 27 months local shops, parks and playing fields as well as hundreds of local residents and school children will be blighted by noise, dirt, pollution and disruption to their daily lives.
  7. The wind effects generated by the towers will stop people from enjoying the open areas created by the scheme.
  8. Overheating in the flats will be a problem and it is not clear how the scheme will tackle this in an environmentally sustainable way.
  9. Because the planning application significantly underestimates the number of children the proposed play space is completely inadequate. It is 50% less than the amount required by the Greater London Authority.

CWRA therefore urges local residents to write and object to the scheme for some or all of the reasons above. Comments can be submitted here:
planning.representations@merton.gov.uk. Give your name and address and mention that your comments are about Application 21/P0082

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