Beyond the chaotic and busy A24, Colliers Wood High Street, which dissects the area and takes people and traffic into central London, locals harbour a secret – we are fortunate to be surrounded by lush green spaces; nature reserves, the River Wandle and local parks. Colliers Wood was once a riverside hamlet, home to the Romans as they marched along the old Roman Road, Stane Street, now our High Street, before advancing onwards to London. They certainly recognised a good thing, and although it is now built up and urban in nature, the Friends of Colliers Wood Parks and Green Spaces Group are keen to look after these precious and somewhat hidden locations, protect our environment and local wildlife, and make Colliers Wood a more welcoming place to live and visit. To read about a local sighting of a secretive feathered visitor, follow this link.

Locations covered by the Parks & Green Spaces group

Our volunteering projects are usually based in Colliers Wood Recreation Ground, particularly in the Memorial Garden and in the River Wandle as it flows through Colliers Wood, around Sainsbury’s and in Wandle Park. We also manage Baltic Close next to the Charles Holden, the walk-through from Devonshire Road and Myrna Close, and the bed in Singleton Close. We look after various planters including those on the High Street near the Charles Holden and the tube and the long bed outside the Jomard Centre.

This map shows our locations. The green flower icon for our gardening projects, yellow flower for the river cleaning and purple flower for litter picking. Although other spots may be added from time to time. Our WhatsApp group will have the most reliable project date and location details.

To use the map, click on the + or – icon to see more or less detail. Click on each green, yellow or purple flower icon for more information about that specific area. Use 2 fingers or your mouse/pad to move around the map.

Projects Managed by the Friends Group

Thanks to an army of environmentally conscious and enthusiastic volunteers from the local community, the Friends Group look after many areas throughout Colliers Wood. All projects are divided into 4 activity groups: Gardening Group, River Group, Watering Group and Littler Picking Group. For more information about each one click the images below.

Follow this link to view the calendar of activities scheduled across this year

We welcome new volunteers of all abilities. For more information please visit our Volunteering Page here