New Local Plan for Colliers Wood

Merton’s New ‘Local Plan’ (Stage 2a Consultation) is detailed within a document which sets out a vision and plan for the future development of local areas across Merton. It provides guidelines for planning decisions which impact on the appearance of the local environment and how local people use it.

There is a Local Plan for the area of Colliers Wood which Merton have recently re-written. Feedback from local residents is welcomed although it is the feeling of Colliers Wood Residents Association (CWRA) that the new Local Plan has not been widely communicated and many within the local community do not even know such plans exist. The deadline for feed-back is 1st February 2021.

Key points within the Local Plan which CWRA feel should be bought to the local residents’ attention:

  • It recommends the provision of 5,000 new homes (in addition to the 2,500 new homes already provided)
  • It advises that development could include new buildings even taller than the tall 19 story tower that currently exist in Colliers Wood, and that new towers could be permitted to form a coherent cluster. 

For detailed information of these future plans for Colliers Wood please read Merton’s final Draft Local Plan for Colliers Wood by clicking here

Merton are inviting local community feedback via a questionnaire which can be found clicking this link here. Click ‘Start the questionnaire’ to begin. Deadline for completion is 1st February 2021. The questionnaire covers 10 topics and has 131 questions. You can respond to every topic or just those that interest you by skipping the others. Topics covered are:

  • Urban Development Objectives and Good Growth Strategy
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Housing Provision
  • Places and spaces in a growing borough
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport and Urban Mobility
  • Economy
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure
  • Proposed Changes to Policy Maps
  • Climate Change

CWRA will send out a newsletter specifically about this consultation which will provide further information on CWRA’s position and how it can work with residents and Merton to secure a Plan fit for all.

December 2020 – Colliers Wood Residents Association 

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