Merton Council – Parking Consultation 2020

At Merton we really welcome the views of all organisations and association in our borough. As such we are writing to you to inform you and invite you to complete the consultation questionnaire regarding our proposal for emission based parking charges. The principle of emission-based charging is that the less polluting the vehicle, the less the charge, and the more polluting, the higher the charge.

Merton is committed to maximising wherever possible the benefits for all road users, residents, pedestrians and visitors to Merton. Merton’s key transport objectives are to; reduce the vehicular emissions that contribute to poor air quality; minimise traffic congestion; ensure safety for all road users; improve public health through increasing the use of active travel modes and; ensure good accessibility to employment, education and key services for all residents.

To achieve these objectives the Council will aim to reduce journeys particularly by car, encourage the use of sustainable modes of travel and where vehicle use is necessary support a switch to lower emissions model.

Merton already manages parking in the Borough in a way that contributes towards our strategic transport objectives including through the use of parking charges. This proposal seeks to further strengthen our approach to parking by introducing an emissions based charging model that will aim to address the vehicular emissions that contribute towards climate change and poor air quality.

To find more detailed information regarding the proposal and the benefits of the proposal, please go to our dedicated web page with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and details of the proposal, with the opportunity to complete a questionnaire and make ‘representations’ on behalf of your organisation.

The consultation web page went live on Thursday 10th September and is open until Friday 23rd October. 


Online Consultation 8th-12th June

Dear Colliers Wood residents, 

Your views are needed on plans for a new GP Surgery and MertonVision premises before the 12th June. There is a proposal to redevelop the Guardian Centre, 67 Clarendon Road SW19 2DX and build a new GP Surgery, that would combine Colliers Wood GP Surgery and Lavender Fields Surgery onto one new building with local charity, MertonVision. The project is supported by the GP Partners, South West London Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Trustees of MertonVision. A website has been set-up for public consultation as the project steering group would like to hear your views about the plans. The pre-planning public consultation will run from Monday 8th – Friday 12th June.

The website address is:

This website will only be open from 8th-12th June

Colliers Wood Residents Association Sub-group (CWRAS) have met with the steering group on several occasions and are concerned with these three issues:


There is no public transport near the site, the closest bus stop is 0.3m away, reflected in the weak PTAL score for this site. Patients, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled, will have to walk a substantial distance to the surgery. Whilst a comparison has been made to the Cricket Green practice (in Mitcham), no like for like comparisons have been given. A key planning criteria is that all health care infrastructure must be accessible and in this case no accessibility guidelines have been provided to show the CWRAS that is not an issue. 

Furthermore, the current plans put the surgery entrance at the furthest reach from the main access point creating a greater distance for patients to walk and causing the most disruption for residents. Original 2018 plans had a joint entrance on the corner of Courtney and Clarendon Road. The CWRAS believe this is a far more suitable location.


On site parking will not be available to patients so there are plans to reduce the amount of parking spaces available to local residents of the surrounding roads, with patient-only bays. 

The transport survey carried out states that there is ‘ample parking availability, immediately surrounding the site meaning that residents would not be forced to park elsewhere’. CWRAS do not feel that the transport survey was accurate in this detail. Residents of the immediately surrounding roads will know this to be the case. Please note that none of the survey was carried out after 5pm, when parking is busier.


The height and scale of the proposed building is out of character with the local area, with 3.5 (equivalent) storeys to the street. In the surrounding residential streets, almost no buildings reach that height at the street front, which will make this proposal imposing and out of character.

Even more so for the central building in the area (i.e. the current Merton Vision building) that defines that character due to its characteristic features and its prominent location in the centre of the Courtney Road/Clarendon Road street network. The proposed plans for the building’s appearance fails to retain the character details set for this area which is documented in the public character study. 

Please keep the following in mind: 

• Public comments on the proposal should be based on facts, and supported where possible with references to the relevant planning policies. 

• Any submissions that object to the proposal should be clearly labelled “I OBJECT to the proposal”. 

• Provide your views about the proposal also to the council planning department, Merton Vision, and your local MP.


8-12 JUNE

CWRA – May 2020 – Meeting Agenda

CWRA : Full Meeting
19th May 2020, 7:30pm – 8:30pm (via Zoom)

Joining Instructions

You will need to register in advance for this meeting – once registered you will be sent joining instructions/password to enter the Zoom room!


Download full agenda

Download Open letter to Councillors regarding safer waling and cycling.

Download Zip file containing documents relation to Ward Allocation Scheme, Street Champion Scheme and Merton Vision/Medical Centre.

75th anniversary of V E Day in Merton

For the 75th anniversary of V E Day and the courage of the wartime generation, Merton Heritage staff and volunteers have devised a range of online displays, reminiscence materials, crafts and puzzles to enable local residents to mark this historic occasion and learn more about our borough’s wartime history from the comfort of their own homes ( and in accordance with the current lockdown restrictions.) The resources also include historic film footage with a soundtrack voiced by local people.

This material is available via the Merton Memories website – see:   ( accessible via the Activities tab on the main homepage ) We have also added a themed slideshow and highlighted the digitised World War II images on the main Merton Memories website –

Prior to Friday, we will also be adding more film, some personal war stories from Merton residents, heritage trails ( that can either be walked during allowed exercise breaks, or viewed form home via mobile phones, tablets and laptops,) plus materials to support further discussion and memory sharing

As part of our efforts to engage local residents with Merton’s heritage, we have also added a Puzzles  & Activities page to Merton Memories – our team is continuing to devise word searches, quizzes, online displays and spotter guides for use during lockdown walks. See:

More material is being added each week and we hope that this will help prove of interest, particularly for local people and care home residents who may be in isolation.

May Update – Resident Questionnaire Feedback

Feedback from Resident Involvement Questionnaire 

Thanks so much to those of you that completed the questionnaire.  A summary of findings and our initial planned actions can be found here.

Change of Meeting Date

We were due to have a Residents Meeting tomorrow but we have now cancelled this and we will hold an online event on 19th May 2020 at 7:30pm.  We will send further information about this later this week.

CWRA Committee Meeting with Councillors

In advance of our event on 19th May 2020, some of the committee will be having a pre-meeting with the Councillors on Thursday 7th May to identify what progress has been made on the actions previously identified and to agree how they will update us on 19th.

If there are any specific questions that you would like us to ask, please submit them via this link before 9am on 7th May 2020.  We will ask as many as possible and feedback on the meeting next week.

Adopt a Tree!

Some people did this last year and we’re hoping we can cover the whole of Colliers Wood this year. You can adopt a street tree near your house by tying a ribbon on it and giving it a drink once or twice a week.

One watering can full poured down the black pipe at the base of the tree should do it!  Thanks in advance for your help with any of this and to those of you that are out in the community (paid and unpaid) keeping us all going.

Rats around the Kiss Me Hardy

In response to the CWRA and Cllr Laxmi Attawar subsequent correspondence about the rats around the Kiss Me Hardy, the Council has responded as follows:
“An officer carried out a site inspection on 22nd January 2020 of the above area. The officer did not find any obvious signs for the increase sightings of rats in the area, due to food waste or materials being fly-tipped, which could offer harbourage to rodents. The officer did however identify contractors carrying out work which may have disturbed/contributed to the sightings of rats in the area and has requested that the site is rodent baited. The officer will be revisiting the area shortly to check that the baiting is being carried out and survey the area again to see if there are other issues which may need to be addressed.”

Have your say on the draft Statement of Consultation (SCI) until 8th December 2019

In 2006 Merton Council adopted its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). However, since its adoption there have been a number of changes to planning legislation, planning guidance and technological advances such as social media, which have changed the way public consultations and engagement takes place and are carried out. All this means Merton’s SCI (2006) requires updating to have regard to these changes.

Merton’s draft SCI sets out how the council will involve local people, local businesses, stakeholders and other interested parties when preparing development planning documents and on submitted planning applications. It also outlines some engagement principles for developers, who may need to consult with Merton residents regarding their development proposals. The draft SCI can be viewed via the council’s website here

A copy of the document can be viewed at the following libraries – Colliers Wood, Mitcham, Morden, Raynes Park, West Barnes and Wimbledon.  

You can comment on the draft SCI via:

Online survey

By email:

By post: Future Merton, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, SM4 5DX

Polling Stations proposal

Following a review of the responses received, the Returning Officer has produced a draft set of proposals for future polling stations and districts which is available from our website. If you have any comments on these proposals, in particular and views on the accessibility of the proposed new venues please let us know by email to 24 October. A final set of proposals will be submitted to Council for approval in November.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Strategy consultation

Merton’s Children’s Trust is developing the Merton strategy for meeting the needs of children and young people who have SEN and/or disabilities to make sure that services across the borough work together and in partnership with children, young people and their families to ensure improved outcomes. We have put together the draft Merton SEND Strategy and would like to hear from parents and carers, children and young people, and staff and professionals who work in SEND – to test, further develop and prioritise the strategic objectives set out in the draft strategy. To find out more please go to and respond to our survey by 16 October.