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Make your voice heard – tell Merton what you think about their air quality plan

Merton Council has published its Air Quality Action Plan for 2017-2022 and is looking for responses by November 3rd.  

Anyone can make their own response. It is easy to do – just use the Merton Council consultations page. We’ve been writing our response and have included some key points here which might help with yours.

We’ve also been plotting data on this map from community groups across Merton where you can find your local pollution blackspots.

Campaigning against plans for a concrete batching plant in Wimbledon

The plans are being challenged by many community groups including Clean Air Merton, the Haydons Road residents’ association and the Wimbledon East Hillside Residents’ Association. You can find out how to get involved here.

Air quality on Plough Lane is already at toxic and illegal levels. We are very concerned that these plans will just make the problem worse.  The proposed site is also by a school and people’s homes – any increase in air pollution could put their health at risk.

The council have just announced they will be delaying the plans which is great news, now we need all of you to tell Merton the plans aren’t good enough and that our health is more important.

The new t-charge comes into force today – but what about Merton’s air?

Today the toxicity charge comes into force in the congestion charge area. Polluting vehicles will have to pay a charge on top of the congestion charge in order to enter central London.

These plans are only the beginning of what is needed in London. The charge needs to go much further and restrict polluting vehicles in boroughs like Merton. That’s why we are supporting the Mayor’s plans for an ultra-low emission zone in 2019 and we want it to be extended to polluted boroughs like Merton.

Tell the Mayor you think Merton’s air needs to be protected too by responding to his Environment consultation – it closes on 17th November.

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