Looking for a Jumble Trail Champion!

Jumble Trail organisers are looking for a local Champion to host a Jumble Trail on their street with the support of Recycle for London and Merton Council. 

The event is completely free for anyone to register their stall, it’s to promote re-use and community, Recycle for London and Merton Council cover the cost of flyers and promotion and Jumble Trail provide free mentoring and online support.

Do you or anyone you know want to have a Jumble Trail, its a bit like a street party where people clear out their clutter and sell it to anyone walking by. It’s a really fun buzzy event, that makes the street a special place to be.

Please share this with whomever you feel might be interested via email, newsletter, twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, carrier pigeon! If you would like more information please drop an email to Martina – martina@jumbletrail.com

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